So here I am

Chairman - Garry Neesam

They say if you want anything done ask a busy person.

People often ask me how I find time to fit in all the stuff that I do. Being almost fully employed (technically, I am part time but I work eighty percent full time hours), I do find all my spare time is taken up with one pursuit or another. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to be doing everything I want to do. I’ll never understand those people who say if they weren’t working they’d get bored. I have so many things I could be doing, I long for the day when I can retire and live off my pension. Sadly, that day is still a few years off as I still have one daughter at university and another at school.

I’ve been membership secretary for an international insignia collecting association, treasurer for a professional fellowship association, choir and a history association, secretary for a different history society, web designer for several of them, school governor and of course secretary for the camera club. I am musical director for one of the choirs I am currently involved in. So it was only natural that I go for the role of president of the club viagra en similares.

I’ve been a member of the Camera Club for just about five years now. In that time I have done a stint on the committee as secretary, however, I had to resign around the time I took over the reigns of my choir as I needed to concentrate my organisational efforts on somethig which was quite new, if not difficult, for me. Now that I have been in that particular role for a couple of years, I find the time needed is not so much as it first was.

For the last 24 years or so, the club has been headed by Robert Staddon. At the AGM this year, I wanted to recognise the work put in by Robert on behalf of the club. As a serial committee member, I know the work that goes in by the volunteers who hep run these organsiations, societies and asociations, and to do that for over twenty years continuously is no mean feat! As well as being a ‘worker’ I think you do need to have a love of what it is you are supporting and I am sure Robert feels the same, so it is a big pair of shoes that I have now stepped into.

So to the future of the Letchworth Garden City Camera Club.

Clearly, there are some ideas and plans that I would like to pursue. Different people bring different ideas. They say that you can’t please all the people all of the time, but it would be great to please as many as possible and I hope that we can move things forward in such a way as to bring something new but comfortable for present members as well as attracting new members. I feel it’s time to grow and we must make special efforts to get out there and increase our footprint within the town and beyond. We have a brand new committee; eight people, six of whom weren’t on the immediately previous administration, so now is an ideal time to grab the reins and see what we can do.

I welcome ideas for improvement, whether that be suggestions for our programme, ways we can attract new members or ideas for club publicity. I hope there are exciting times ahead for the Letchworth Garden City Camera Club.

Garry Neesam



3 thoughts on “So here I am

  1. Hello Garry. Just to say how much I enjoyed viewing the LGCCC’s new website. I find it very informative and it’s very well produced.
    Wish you all well at the LGCCC

    1. Hello Ivor, thanks very much. I hope you are well also

  2. Hi Gary. Just to thank you for the details of the further programme this year up and until the June 12th. Will try and attend as many meetings as possible, especially the AGM. Will be there this week, but miss the 22nd due to holiday. Looking forward to the “An evening on the farm” .

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