Setting up the Exhibition

The keys to the Community Museum in the Arcade were dropped round to club chairman the day before we were due to set up our annual exhibition.

The Community Museum is an excellent facility available to all sorts of groups and organisations within Letchworth and we have been offered it for the duration of our exhibition, free of charge.

We collected in prints from LGCCC members after the meeting on Thursday and they were taken down to the museum for 6pm on Friday. A select band of members then set about setting up the display.

The Heritage Foundation had kindly printed out large copies of our advertising poster, one for the window display and two for an A-frame board which we can put outside in the town centre.

We have previously used the blue and green display boards which belong to the Heritage Foundation for our exhibitions. These are really easy to set up; we have plastic corners for the prints with velcro on the back, we just line up a print within the plastic corners and velcro them straight to the display boards.
There weren’t as many boards as we have previously had access to so we realised that we’d need to use the walls. The only problem was that we couldn’t use pins which left blue-tac as the only alternative.

Garry had bought some white and blue blu-tac and we set about attaching prints. It was later during the evening that we discovered that white-tac isn’t as sticky as blue blu-tac as prints started to fall off the walls (apologies to those members who might have some dented corners by the end of the exhibition!).
We set up a pair of studio lights in one window and found some art easels in a cupboard which we used to put prints on for another window display.

The last print was hung around 9.45pm and we were able to step back and survey the handiwork.

Having either been involved in setting up or taking part in displaying prints in around 5 or 6 previous exhibitions with the club, I have to say this is probably the best looking. The venue looks really promising and the window displays look great.

Let’s hope it entices people through the doors over the four days we are open.

If you’d like to visit, the exhibition is open from 11:00am until 16:00pm on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th March, and from 10:00am until 17:00pm on Saturday 19th March.