Melbourn Cup Round 1 – Letchworth at Hitchin – 24th October 2013

On Thursday 24th October 2013, nine members of the LGCCC made the long journey (4 miles) down to Hitchin Camera Club in Bedford Road.

Hitchin were playing host to the first round of the Melbourn Cup and had invited Allan Hale to judge the competition which was to consist of 24 projected images from each club.

It’s fair to say that Letchworth didn’t get off to the best start, their first three images receiving low scores of 13, 14 and 15 against Hitchin’s two 15s and an 18.

Things started to look better with the next shot which was Garry Neesam’s compact shot of a woman in red pushing a child’s pushchair through the snow, which received a 20 maximum score. But this was to be short lived as two shots later Hitchin scored a 20 with a close up of a Chalk Hill Blue butterfly.

The next 10 or so shots saw Letchworth score two 19s with Rob Fairhead’s “Recumbent Puffin” and Denis Anguige’s “Lao Boy“. Hitchin managed another 20 with an inventive slow-shutter shot of the pages of an old book turning. This took Hitchin into the break with a 5 point lead.

The second half didn’t get much better for Letchworth with some disappointingly low scores including a 12, 13 and two 14s, though we did manage two 20s with John Dingeman’s excellent field shot of a Ground Hare and an abstract “Sunset Rays caught by the Tide“, but Hitchin managed another 20 with a dawn shot,  a 19 and two 18s.

The final scores ran out at 382 to Letchworth and 398 to Hitchin, putting Hitchin into the second round.

The evening ended with mutual thanks to Allan Hale for his incisive comment and criticism and a promise of revenge next year from the Letchworth Chair.

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