May Studio Night

May 12th saw the club indulging in another studio night.

This time we did it a  little differently; instead of having a model to pose for us, we posed for each other.

The idea of the night was to learn a bit more about studio photography, learn a bit more about lighting and learn something about the kit.

We had three stations set up around the club room. Both had two lights and there was a selection of modifiers available. We had softboxes, umbrellas, both shoot through and reflective, grids, barn doors and coloured gels. There were three light meters available to assist in setting up the lights.

Members were given a task sheet and had to complete the tasks using the equipment they thought was best suited for the job. Garry and Luke were on hand to offer advice if required.

I’m not sure how many tasks were completed, but people seemed to enjoy playing around with the gear and solving the problems that arose.  It was certainly more ‘hands on’ than the usual studio sessions and members got to take more photos than they would taking turns to shoot a model.

Here is the set of tasks they were given:

  • Correctly light a subject for a shot at f5.6 and f16
  • Use light positioning to make the background light and then dark
  • Take the same shot using a softbox and then an umbrella
  • Compare the light when using an umbrella shoot through -v- reflected
  • Utilise a coloured gel in your shot, how does this affect light settings?
  • Use one light with and without a reflector to bounce light back onto the subject’s face
  • Take a shot using a main light and a rim light
  • Use a softbox as a background and take a shot with a main light and another with a reflector
  • Use a light above your subject and a reflector below