Macro Flower Shoot

The Broadway Gallery in Letchworth town centre recently ran an exhibition entitled “Art Forms in Nature” with photogravures by photographer Karl Blossfeldt. The exhibition ran from June until September and club members were invited to the opening private viewing.

Blossfeldt lived from 1865 to 1932 and specialised in botanical photography. We were invited to use the studio above the gallery to recreate some botanical photographs of our own.

On Saturday 9th September 2017, several club members used various lighting setups to take a variety of botanical shots. Judging by the subject brought to the studio by members, the flower department at Morrisons, round the corner, took a bit of a hit.

We spent two hours taking shots of a various flowers and plants using a variety of lighting, cameras and lenses.

Thanks to James H & James S for arranging.

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