Lights Studio Session

20th September saw the club taking part in the first practical session of the 2018/19 season.

Following on from last week’s introduction to lighting techniques and cheaper light modifiers, Luke set up four stations with various items to photograph.

Members brought cameras and speedlights and there were a number of other lighting setups available together with modifiers. A table in the centre of the room had scissors, tape, paper, card, milk bottles and various other stuff which we could utilise to create or modify the light on the subject. You can see in one of the images below a plastic milk bottle being used as a light diffuser to soften the light on a couple of model figures.

Tracey, our model for the evening, set herself up in one corner of the Brunt Room for members to practice their portrait photography on.

We will be sharing and discussing the images taken on the night at a future meeting on 11th October.