Four-way Battle at Hertford, 2015

Friday 13th November saw six LGCCC members make the journey over to Hertford for the annual 4-way battle between Letchworth, Stevenage, Hertford and Welwyn Garden City camera clubs.

The competition involved each club submitting 5 prints and 5 digital images which were judged by Malcolm Rapier ARPS CPAGB.

The evening kicked off with the digital images. LGCCC were represented by images from Laurence Bridgefoot, Yvonne Connelly, John Dingemans, Judith Duddle and Garry Neesam.

Laurence and Yvonne scored 16, Judith got a 17, Garry got 18 and John scored one of the three 20s issued in the digital image round.

At half time the scores were

Letchworth – 87

Stevenage – 89

WGC – 89

Hertford – 92

The second round saw prints from Garry, Storm Thompson, Yvonne, Judith and James Sutton. We did slightly better in this round; Yvonne scored 15, James and Storm both scored 17, while both Judith and Garry were awarded a top 20.

The final results showed the competition to be one of the tightest I’ve seen. All four clubs were only separated by four points.

Both Letchworth and Hertford scored 176 points, while both Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City scored 180. The title went to Welwyn Garden City on the ‘most amount of 20s awarded’ rule as they had two 20s while Stevenage didn’t have any.

Although Letchworth came joint third, we did score more 20s than any of the other clubs with our three versus Welwyn Garden’s two, Hertford’s one and Stevenage’s nil.