Astrophotography with Gordon Ewen

Thursday 31st March saw the club hosting Gordon Ewen from the Letchworth & District Astronomical Society who gave a presentation on astrophotography.

Gordon is chairman of the LDAS and a keen imager with his own garden observatory.

Gordon talked us through the different aspects of night sky photography, from imaging large near objects such as the moon and planets, as well as the sun, to deep sky imaging of galaxies and nebulae. The difficulties of each were discussed and we had a run through of the different types of equipment which are best suited to imaging different subject matter.

Throughout the presentation Gordon showed us some of his images as well as some from other members of the LDAS Imaging Group, some of whom have had their shots featured in the astronomy magazines and press and further afield.

Gordon specialises in images of the sun and showed a fascinating series of shots which shows that photos of the sun are ever-changing and no two days are the same, with all the activity taking place 93 million miles away.

We were shown some of the different capture devices Gordon and other astrophotographers use, from a simple DSLR to black and white and colour specialist video cameras which can plug in to a telescope or standard DSLR lens. He also showed us some of the specialist software used to turn RAW files into wonderful images of the night sky.

Judging by the amount of people asking questions and speaking with Gordon during the break and afterwards, it seems quite a few of us have an interest in the night sky generally and would like to look further into capturing shots of the universe.

All in all, an excellent presentation, one a little different for us, but one I’m sure some members are keen to explore further.

You can find out more about the Letchworth & District Astronomical Society over at their LDAS.

You can see more of Gordon’s images over at his Gordon Ewen’s Flickr page.