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Botanical Photoshoot Title Image

Macro Flower Shoot

The Broadway Gallery in Letchworth town centre recently ran an exhibition entitled “Art Forms in Nature” with photogravures by photographer Karl Blossfeldt. The exhibition ran from June until September and club members were invited to the opening private viewing.

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Letchworth Festival 2016 Model Photos

A big thank you to all the people who came to our pop-up studio to pose for an image. You can save your image by clicking the thumbnail of your photo to open it up and then right-clicking the photo and selecting “Save Image As” to download it to your computer. To close the picture […]

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May Studio Night

May 12th saw the club indulging in another studio night. This time we did it a  little differently; instead of having a model to pose for us, we posed for each other. The idea of the night was to learn a bit more about studio photography, learn a bit more about lighting and learn something […]

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Studio Night – Tabletop Photography

We turned the club room into a studio again this evening. Well, we turned it into several studios actually. Garry brought lots of lighting equipment and several stations were set up with various backgrounds. Apart form the biggest station which had two Ilux studio strobes, the rest had more speedlights than you could shake a […]

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Studio Night with Laura

Club night on the 27th March saw us try a studio night. Club Chairman, Garry, brought his studio gear down to the Settlement and set up a black background against which we could shoot a model using three studio lights. Garry had invited Laura, from the Hertfordshire University Sirens Cheerleaders, to be our model for […]

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