Summer Challenge 2013

Over the summer of 2013 Denis Burrell set members a challenge to record their summer activities with their cameras.

Over two meetings, December 5th and January 23rd, members had the opportunity to show a selection of images to the rest of the club. They were able to talk about what and where the shot was and how and why they took the shot. This generated discussion on each image, with suggestions for improvements from other members.

It gave us the opportunity to see what other members got up to during the summer and also to see the type of things they like photographing.

There was a great variety of different subjects and locations, from viewpoints in local towns to shots captured on various foreign holidays. In all there were 75 images.

At the end of the second evening, club chairman, Garry Neesam, picked out a top three.

In third place was a motorcycle racing shot from Donnington Park by Nick Railton. Second place went to Christine Fulton with her detail shot of a colourful patched quilt and first place went to an unusual shot of a leaf hanging on a piece of spider’s thread by Kirsten Gifkens.

Donington Kick by Nick Railton

[sws_picture_frame74 src=”” title=”Donington Kick by Nick Railton” alt=”Donington Kick by Nick Railton” align=”” lightbox=”1″ album=”2013SummerChallenge” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame74]

Patchwork by Christine Fulton

[sws_picture_frame74 src=”” title=”Patchwork by Christine Fulton” alt=”Patchwork by Christine Fulton” align=”” lightbox=”1″ album=”2013SummerChallenge” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame74]

Hanging on by a Thread by Kirsten Gifkens

[sws_picture_frame74 src=”” title=”Hanging on by a Thread by Kirsten Gifkens” alt=”Hanging on by a Thread by Kirsten Gifkens” align=”” lightbox=”1″ album=”2013SummerChallenge” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame74]