Studio Night – Marvel Comics & Star Wars

Thursday 25th February saw the club doing another studio night. These have become a regular feature in the LGCCC programme. They give members the opportunity to take photos with professional studio equipment and with subjects they might not ordinarily get to shoot.

This time we were able to utilise the modelling skills of one of club chairman, Garry’s, work colleagues. Chris Messetter came over to pose for us in a couple of his costumes. Chris dresses in various guises, often for charity at various locations and functions throughout the south east. For the LGCCC members he brought his ‘Punisher’ character from Marvel Comics and a Biker Scout from Star wars.

In the first half we shot Chris as Punisher, with his guns and grenades, and very realistic they looked too! We used a classic twin rim lights from either side and slightly behind to light up the shoulders and sides with one main light in a rectangular softbox.
We switched things around for the second half when we used two softboxes from the front for the Biker Scout character.

You can see 3 short videos taken during the evening on YouTube:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3