Start of the Season

I spent the few months before the summer sorting out the 2015 – 2016 programme.

This is the second year I have been responsible for the programme. When I took over I set out to make the club meetings more interactive. Whilst this move wasn’t popular with some members, the majority of the feeedback I received was that it was a very positive change for the club. I was therefore keen to develop a programme building from last year’s.

We started the season with our ‘Season Opener’. The idea is two fold, firstly to go through the new programme with members and let them know what they are in store for over the coming year, secondly, to get to know each other a little better by talking about a favourite item of photography.

Our second meeting was entitled ‘Summer Snaps’. This is where we bring in some images taken over the summer break. It gives members the chance to find out a little bit about fellow members and gives an insight into what the photographic interests are of other members. I find it useful also to discover a little bit about the new members. When they talk about their images, it gives you an insight into what level they are at in their own photography.

I’ve introduced a new internal competition this year; phone and compact photography. Members can only submit images which were taken on phones, as some members don’t have smart phones, it was also opened up to include compact cameras. In preparation of the competition which comes up in November, I presented an evening on phone apps and how to get the best from processing phone images.

We had our first studio night of the year on September 24th. We tried something very different for us in that we didn’t photograph people this time. We invited Neemie and Steve from Fairfield Park down to the club. They brought two of their Maltese show dogs down for us to photograph. The dogs were wonderful and we were able to get two hours of photographing the dogs on their own, as a pair or with various props. It was something very different but I think we all enjoyed it.

This was built on with our very first speaker of the season, Vivecah Koh, who visited us for the second time. Her presentation on urban photography last year went down universally well and we were keen to have her back. She spoke to us about her iPhone photography, her favourite apps and then how she obtained her Royal Photographic Society Fellowship.

On October 15th I presented an evening on DIY photography projects. I demonstrated how you can make some photography accessories out of such things as card, Pringles Tubes and Tupperware boxes. We also had the opportunity to try out some of the projects by taking photos using them and viewing live on the screen.

October 22nd saw our first ‘Members’ Evening’. These nights are taken over by one or two members who do a presentation on something which interests them.

This time vice-chairman, John Dingemans presented an evening of drone photography, where he showed us how he uses a drone to help in the efficient running of his farm. He even flew the drone during the meeting and took some video of the audience. You can see more on the presentation here.

So, that’s the first half of the 2015 season out of the way.

I’m pleased to report that we have seven new members this season, which I think is the most at one time in the seven years I’ve been a member of the club. Whilst we have lost a few of the older members, it’s great to see that we have more members now than in any of the previous 6 years at 31. But we are always on the lookout for new members. If you are interested in coming down you can attend three meetings free of charge before deciding whether to join us.