Titling Images

Images for competition entry should be named in a set format. You will need to start the filename with your initials (in capitals please) followed by a dash and the image title. The image title can have spaces but it is recommended that multiple words in the title be separated with an underscore.

So an image file might be named “ABC-My_Fabulous_Title.jpg”.

You should also ensure that your name and the image title are embedded into the EXIF data of your image as the competition display software will look for the image title and the author when it displays your image on the screen.

Click on the below picture for a video tutorial on ways to correctly rename your images for competition entries. If you need to see the video larger, click on the “Watch on Youtube” button, bottom right of the video screen.

[sws_picture_frame32 src=”http://www.letchworthcameraclub.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/YouTube-400.jpg” title=”Renaming Images Exampls” alt=”Renaming Images Example” align=”” lightbox=”1″ album=”album” video=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MAKHP_lXDw”] [/sws_picture_frame32]


Please use three initials if you have them. Although the current rules are flexible in how you name files, can I ask you to follow just one format e.g GLN-My_Picture_Title.jpg. So the dash delineates your initials from the actual title. If you leave spaces in the name, I have to take the spaces out when images are posted on the website as the browsers don’t recognise filenames with spaces and the upload procedure mucks spaces up.

Please limit the image file title to just the title, don’t include numbers, versions or pixel sizes (such as GLN-My_Picture_Title-v1.2.jpg, or GLN-My_Picture_Title[1]jpg or GLN-My_Picture_Title_(1300px).jpg I understand you might add version numbers to image files for your own record keeping purposes but please make a copy without them and email that.

Please don’t include commas or apostrophes or brackets in filenames, again, they won’t display properly on the website and have to be removed before the file can be uploaded. Don’t have two dashes next to each other or a dash and a space, again they won’t display on the website without beng edited out.

If your filename has foreign characters, such as German umlaut or French acute, leave them off the filename, again, they won’t display on the website with these characters and have to be edited before being uploaded.

The filename is actually different to the image title. The image title is saved in the EXIF data (if you don’t know how, again, the tutorial on the website explains how to add exif data). The correct place for commas, apostrophes and foreign characters is in the Title field of the exif data or file properties, this is what is read by the competition software. If your filename is “GLN-My_Picture_Title.jpg”, then the image title will be “My Picture Title”, without initials and without the ”.jpg”, i.e. just as you would read it if it as printed as a normal sentence. If you haven’t entered this as the image title then the display software will default to showing the filename as the image title with your initials, dashes and underscores and filetype, either that or someone has to manually enter the correct information for you.

You must add your first name and surname to the Author field in the Exif or properties data. (if you want to add copyright info, date created, keywords etc that is up to you, but you must have a title and author as a minimum.

I hope this helps, if you are having difficulty with preparing images, please ask.