Lines Theme

Our second theme night of the season was “Lines”.

Members are given three themes at the start of the season and invited to take shots showing their interpretation of the theme. The idea is to encourage members to go out and take photographs with a specific theme in mind, rather than for them to trawl through their historical back-catalogue and finding something which might loosely fit the theme.

As we do more theme nights, it is good to see that a lot of members are indeed, shooting specifically for the theme nights, or at least bearing them in mind when out shooting other stuff. But, judging by the dates in some people’s Exif info, some are not finding the time to take part in the full spirit of the evenings, hopefully, this number will decrease for forthcoming themes, hint, hint.

Anyway, we had a bumper number of entries for theme. Each members was invited to submit up to three images. As s the norm, we display the shots, members get to say what they like about the shot, maybe what they dislike and how they might have improved it. Then the author is invited to tell us a little bit about how and why they took the shot. The idea is to give and receive feedback in the hope we can all benefit.

We had a total of 57 entries from 19 members. Here is a selection:

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