Four Months In

Happy New Year to you!

Well, we’re a third of the way through the Camera Club season. The 2014/15 season marks the first in my joint role as Chairman and Programme Organiser.

One of the things I wanted to do when sorting out this year’s programme, was do a few more of the things members wanted and a little less of the things they weren’t so interested in. I also wanted to combine this with more opportunities to  do some ‘hands on’ work with cameras. So the programme has been tailored to those ends.

We started off with a general introduction to the new programme. It was also an opportunity for people to talk about themselves and their interests and share some information about one of their favourite pieces of photographic gear.

We then had an evening discussing our “Summer Snaps“.

Aimed at newer or less experienced members we have had a night on hints and tips when preparing images, particularly for competitions, but general too, ironing out those little glitches that judges hate, comment on and mark down.

Our first speaker of the year was Bob Brind-Such who gave us a presentation on macro photography. Bob brought a vast selection of gear to show us and talked us through different methods of doing macro photography. As a direct result of his inspirational talk, I know that at least two members went out the following week and ordered a set of macro tubes!

We had another visitor, Chris Longridge and his wife who came up from the Isle of Wight to demonstrate his Longridge mount cutting system. Several members of the club use the Longridge mount cutters,  so it was good to pick up a few tips and find out how to cut mounts properly. It was also interesting finding out about the history behind how Chris came to develop his system.

Our first ‘Members’ Evening‘ featured club member, Ray Bavertsock, who showed us some images from his trip to Africa. Kirsten Gifkens then presented images from her trip to China.

In November we welcomed Vivecah Koh to the club. She came up to see us from London and talked about urban photography, particularly in abandoned buildings. Her images were truly stunning and I found her talk quite inspiring. If you get the chance to see her, take it, a very worthwhile addition to the programme and I am keen to get her back next season.

One of the things I have introduced this year is ‘Theme Nights‘. There are three theme nights  where members are given  a single word and asked to go out and interpret the word photographically in any way they choose. The first theme was on the subject “Blue“. Once photos were taken they were emailed in and members were invited to talk about their images following which people could make comments.

Our first ‘Studio Night‘ was at the begining of December. I brought my studio lights and equipment down to the club and we were all set up to take some shots of a female American footballer in all her gear. Unfortunately our model forgot to attend, so we had to turn to one of our new members, Laurence, to stand in as model for the night.

We ended the season with our Christmas social, which involved a big multimedia quiz, on December 11th.

And that was the first third of the year, over just like that.

The next section, up until Easter contains two hands-on studio nights, the first of which was on our first evening back in January involving table top studio work. We’ve got an evening where we all get to be a club judge for the night, the second of our themed nights, this time on the subject “Metal“.

We also have two visiting speakers. Colin Westgate will show us images of Iceland and wildlife photographer, Simon Hawkins, makes a return visit.

Interespersed through the meetings mentioned above, we have, of course, continued to hold our internal series of competitions as well as some external. In fact we had three external competitions in November, an unusually heavy month. Sadly, we didn’t win any of the competitions, there is always next year!

So that’s it for my round up of the season so far. It feels like we’ve done quite a bit of new stuff already with other things yet to try.

If you’d like to join us please do, you are welcome to attend a few meetings to see if the club is for you. Just get in touch, you can use our contact form on this website or give me a call or drop me a text. Contact details and my number are at the bottom of every website page.

Here’s to the rest of the season and some great photography.

Garry Neesam

LGCCC Chairman